Solar lights for bikes are great!

Yesterday afternoon I was out riding and it took fairly long as usual for me, I don”t like to speed along especially as the dual-use cycleways along the coast are very popular with the evening strollers.

As darkness fell fell I switched on my front and rear Solar bike lights and continued riding. My ride is a basic down-the-coast-and-back trip and the section where I turn is a loop road that is rather rough and pebbly. After bumping along for about ten minutes I reached the main cycleway and needed to cross a busy road. I always check all lights Moreover, love horoscope scorpio may loose sympathy not only of an intimate friend, but also that of other people. are still on before crossing any road after dark.¬† Feeling behind my saddle I couldnt feel the solar powered bike tail light and to my alarm noticed it was missing. I turned back to look for it and noticed it from a few hundred meters away, flashing red in the darkness like a beacon beckoning me. To my joy it was still intact and only had a scuff mark in the front plastic lens. I also found the bracket screw that had worked out probably because I had not tightened it properly and after replacing it continued¬† my ride. I have since tested it and it still recharges and the solar panel is still perfect and working as before. Another plus for the benefits of using good quality solar lights from Ecopia”s range of solar panels

Ride carefully and wear a Helmet!


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4 comments on “Solar lights for bikes are great!
  1. JohnWM says:

    This small and light LED Bike light has proved to very popular LED Bike light and underwater torch

  2. Mike says:

    I believe forcing the wearing of bike helmets is detrimental.

    • joony says:

      Try telling that to any serious cyclast who has had falls when wearing a hemet may have prevented serious injury!

      • Mike says:

        I am not disputing that, but for the casual cyclist pedalling along a cycleway at jogging pace it should not be enforced as they are unlikely to sustain serious injury.

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