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January 10, 2013


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Alternative Energy AlternativeEnergy wind turbine and solar panels

Producing energy from solar power and wind turbines is better for our environment than coal, oil and gas. We need to widen our use of clean energy generation to reverse the effects of global warming.



Eco Friendly ProductsEco friendly products

News about products which will enable you to help reduce global warming. A solar charger for your mobile charger might sound insignificant but considering how many are used and recharged using polluting power adds up lot of greenhouse emissions. Using LED lights instead of incandescent globes or CFLs with their mercury content are better because they use much less power and last much longer. A 12V LED lamp uses such little power it can even be powered by a small solar panel.



Recreational Activities Sc14_attached

My favorite recreational activities are cycling and walking. Cycling is a great way to travel and appreciate outdoors and there is nothing more invigorating than hiking along forest trails and mountain paths with panoramic views. After a day out I feel rejuvenated

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